Conctr is a one stop platform that takes care of IoT complexity and lets you focus on what’s important.

 Never worry about scale or how to implement an IoT architecture ever again, Conctr handles all that you throw at it.


Get IoT security baked in, not patched on.

Application Enablement

Simplify the mechanics and focus on what you do best, your application.

Device Management

We take a “Whole of life cycle” approach to IoT devices.

Data Management

We solve the IoT scale problem.

Using the right connections.

We reduce time to market by allowing you to build, standardize, test and present your data interface to your application in moments. Work in hardware and application independently with instant feedback.


Connecting power and flexibility

Conctr gives you the tools to build, scale and manage global deployments from the factory through to ongoing customer support. Conctr was designed to handle millions of devices and to make sure the back & front end experience was easy to follow for the end user.

Good, fast, cheap – pick any three.

We can go as big as you need. We offer a one stop, secure, cheap and lightning fast platform. With an intuitive UI for easy adaption. Our pricing is changing the game, take a look at our pricing model and connect with us to see how we can help with your current or next IoT deployment.


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