This version updates various aspects action triggers, in response to early feedback.

New Features and Improvements

Action Triggers

Action triggers are a way for Conctr to react to events and integrate with other services. Think IFTTT for your IoT data. Conctr allows you to create rules, which monitor a condition and trigger actions. When a condition is met the rule triggers and the action is executed.

From this release all actions and conditions can now be configured with custom object containing user-defined data. This object is passed into the transforms associated with the action or condition, and can be used to implement custom behaviour there.

This release updates the inputs supplied to transforms when they are associated with action triggers. Transforms for data-checking conditions, which before would take just a data payload as input, will now receive an object with keys data (the payload, as before), config (the configuration object for the action or condition), and custom (the custom user-configuration object). Similarly, transforms associated with actions will now receive an object containing keys data (the input to the action, as before), config, and custom.

Updated Actions

  • SES: additional configureable fields in config object

For more information see the Conctr API docs

Changes and Bug Fixes

v1.2.1 (2018-09-06)

  • Added keep-alive for long-running idle database connections