We are excited to introduce to you Conctr Console 1.3.0, which comes with a number of new features and improvements.

New Features

Flow Control Actions


To help in implementing application logic, these actions are designed to be intermediary between other actions or conditions. They don’t do anything useful on their own, but are proven useful when working with other actions to
manage the flow of data through a rule. Click here for more details on what each flow control action does.

Support to link action to action


The restriction has been lifted and it is now possible to connect one action to another regardless of the type of the action. Moreover, it is also possible that an action can be linked to multiple actions through one port or multiple ports. However, circular connection is not allowed.

Configurable Output


Some flow control actions, Switch/Case for example, user has the ability to manage and configure output port on demand.

Support to add and edit Transform within the page


From this version on, you can add a new transform or edit an existing transform within the page without the hassle of jumping to the Transform page.