Get started fast with your IoT product on Conctr. See how quickly and easily you can deploy your own IoT product by using one of ours as your launching pad and following the Conctr approach for device management, user management and application development.
Our C1 Development Kit comes with an Electric Imp Powered WiFi Sensor Node measuring temp, pressure, light humidity, pressure and vibration in three Axis – and, an RJ12 to let you connect a wide range of other sensors via 1 wire, serial UART, A/D Pin or I2C. It comes with code to get you going fast and an hour of free consultation from our staff to help get your project off the ground too!
With the C1 you take it out of the box, get it connected on your wifi and the preinstalled code will let you immediately display data on your own account on Conctr.

Check out the technical walkthrough pdf and get up and running with your Environmental Development Kit on Conctr

Environmental Development Kit on Conctr.pdf

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