Conctr – an IoT Platform

Scalability doesn’t mean the end of customization, the Conctr platform is easy, fast and configurable.


Get IoT security baked in, rather than patched on.

Application Enablement

Simplify the mechanics so you can focus on what you do best, your application.

Device Management

We take a “Whole of life cycle” approach to IoT devices.

Data Management

We solve the IoT scale problem.


We know what it means to manipulate, store and recall data at massive scale and our architecture reflects this. If you need to accommodate millions of devices, we can help.


The Conctr security team are constantly re-examining current and future vulnerabilities, so we can deliver a product that exceeds privacy and integrity needs. Some of the protocols we use include JSON Web Tokens, salted hashed passwords, segregated data, Granular device and user level access control. For more information about Conctr’s protocols please see our documentation.



Download our SDK tools and get started


Supported Hardware

Check out a list of all Conctrs Supported Hardware


Technical Overview

Check out a full technical overview which covers Conctr’s supported features, protocols and standards



For further information please see our documentation



Simple and secure access to your console where you can view all the data streams for your devices. Viewing, adding or customizing data points is all done within your console. You can view your unique IDs for any device allowing for advanced support. Export reports or simply view your site locations online. Conctr is the home for all your current and future IoT devices.

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