Conctr – an IoT Platform for Engineers

The drive is on to engineer and deliver scaleable, secure and reliable IOT solutions. With more technologies that enable IOT including chipsets, sensors, device design, and network choices, you need a platform you can trust to deliver cloud services to store and manage the massive growth of devices, users and data your products will create.

You need clear pathways to analytics and app development to bring your companies products to market in a reliable and supportable way.

Connecting you from the start

Conctr manages devices, data and application easily and is designed to scale from the ground up. Conctr supports industry standard protocols, methodologies and gives you a wide range of hardware and software to keep your current and future products moving forward.


Get IoT security baked in, rather than patched on.

Application Enablement

Simplify the mechanics so you can focus on what you do best, your application.

Device Management

We take a “Whole of life cycle” approach to IoT devices.

Data Management

We solve the IoT scale problem.


For further information please see our documentation



The Conctr security team are constantly re-examining current and future vulnerabilities, so we can deliver a product that exceeds privacy and integrity needs. Some of the protocols we use include JSON Web Tokens, salted hashed passwords, segregated data, Granular device and user level access control. For more information about Conctr’s protocols please see our documentation.



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Supported Hardware

Check out a list of all Conctrs Supported Hardware


Technical Overview

Check out a full technical overview which covers Conctr’s supported features, protocols and standards



For further information please see our documentation



Conctr provides a powerful and flexible backend for interacting with your devices and their data, as well as all the tools you need to build, scale and manage global deployments from the factory through to ongoing customer support.

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