Conctr – an IoT Platform for Investors

IoT is the biggest tech revolution of the last 50 years, but, problems of security, scale and cost have sidelined more projects than have succeeded.
Conctr is a 4th generation IoT platform that solves these problems today, with a roadmap to carry our customers forward into the future.

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The Conctr team has lived through the explosion of IoT and large data and developed a platform that takes it’s customers from idea to prototype to production in record time at any scale and thats what the industry is missing, and that’s what makes Conctr so exciting.


The Conctr team came together specifically to address the customer needs created by trying to build IoT products in a big data world. We saw a need for a platform and a methodology for quickly moving from prototype to completed manufacturable product – it’s this focus on creating ready to scale products for industrial and consumer IoT that makes Conctr unique and exciting.


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