Conctr – an IoT Platform for Managers

Large scale deployments change the way you need to think about product management for IoT.
Home grown and early IoT platforms are hard to wrangle at scale, security was often not a core concern and supporting customers was nearly impossible.



Conctr covers you from design, CM, distribution, sales and support.
With amazing product flexibility and frictionless transition from any existing solution at very low cost, Conctr is an easy switch.
Your product development workflow will be light and fast with Conctr’s simple data definition process, easily accessible API’s, extensive hardware support and automatic scale, ensuring your team concentrates on the product rather than infrastructure.


Get IoT security baked in, rather than patched on.

Application Enablement

Simplify the mechanics so you can focus on what you do best, your application.

Device Management

We take a “Whole of life cycle” approach to IoT devices.

Data Management

We solve the IoT scale problem.


Under 1,000 total devices

  • Great way to try us out on a smaller current or upcoming deployment.

Over 1,000 total devices

  • Package includes device deployment as well as device management.

Ordinary IoT devices with setup

  • Feature Large application enablement + Data management.

*Small data IoT devices

  • *Small data= data throughput of less than 1 megabyte per day.

-Devices with over 1Megabyte of daily data throughput please connect with us for special pricing



The Conctr security team are constantly re-examining current and future vulnerabilities, so we can deliver a product that exceeds privacy and integrity needs. Some of the protocols we use include JSON Web Tokens, salted hashed passwords, segregated data, Granular device and user level access control. For more information about Conctr’s protocols please see our documentation.



A simple secure online login gets you access to your console where you can view all the data streams for your devices. Vewing, adding or customizing datat points is all done within your console. You can view your unique IDs for any device allowing for advanced support. Export reports or simply view your site locations online. Conctr is the home for all your current and future IoT devices.

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